Meet our Personas

From booking hotels and making restaurant reservations to making outbound calls and emails to potential employers, contractors, or friends. Personas go far beyond just answering questions!

Felix, the Fitness Trainer

Trying to look sexy? Just maintain? Or need training for an upcoming event? Put me to work!


Sylvan, the Sous Chef

I'll help you cook, come up with recipes, order groceries, and simplify eating at home.

Home & Living

Tina, the Travel Agent

I'll help book your hotels / flights, make restaurant reservations and more.

Travel & Moving

Janice, the Job Finder

Tell me what jobs you’re looking for, and I’ll write cover pages, apply to hundreds of jobs, and more.

Work & Freelance

Sabrina, the Social Planner

I'll suggest and book happy hours and weekend plans, plus help you keep in touch with friends.

Social & Fun

Willow, the Women's Wardrobe Planner

I'll keep your wardrobe fresh with suggestions for new clothes while staying away from fast fashion.


Cleopatra, the Cat Expert

I'll reorder cat food for you, remind you of vaccines, and help you care for your feline companion.

Home & Living

Dominic, the Dog Expert

I'll find dog trainers, vets, and local parks plus keep your dog up to date with vaccines for your doggo.

Home & Living

Santiago, the Spanish Tutor

Want to start learning Spanish but don't want to do it alone? Let me help you get started!


Trevor, the Tax Expert

Taxes are a bore. Let me walk you through it and do the heavy lifting!


Pepper, the Product Researcher

Looking to make a big purchase? I'll comb through recent reviews and give you the latest recommendations.

Home & Living

Maddy, the Medication Tracker

Tell me what medications you're taking and I'll make sure you never forget.


Alex, the Apartment Hunter

Give me the neighborhood, price range, and anything else and I'll track down your next apartment.

Travel & Moving

Diana, the Dietician

I'll help you meet your calorie goals by making it incredibly easy to track calories.


Destiny, the Dating Assistant

I'll make the first move on your dating apps and let you know when you get a response.

Relationships & Dating

Riley, the Relationship Coach

Need someone to talk to about your present, future, or past relationship? I'm here for you.

Relationships & Dating

Brigitte, the Budget Tracker

Let me help you save for something important! I'll make it easy and fun for you to spend a little and save a little.